Equipment leasing and more

Dynamic Lease Corporation offers a variety of finance products designed to meet the needs of our business customers.   Our equipment leasing programs offer competitive, highly-flexible financing solutions to manufacturers and equipment resellers nationwide and their customers.   We offer finance leases, fair market leases and equipment financing arrangements for all types of industrial machinery, precision measurement systems and robot cells.   Perhaps our most significant area of specialization is in leasing and financing computer systems with solutions particular to technology including our Technology Rotation Lease.  Dynamic also has carved a presence in financing telephone systems.


In addition to equipment leasing, Dynamic offers secured and unsecured business lines of credit, accounts receivable factoring arrangements and other finance products.  These products all have their purpose and place in business finance.  With our expertise, we offer finance products, terms and structures that will warrant a long-term relationship with Dynamic as the preferred finance partner for your company or its customers.


We continue to provide a high level of customer service, marketing, sales assistance and specialized programs to manufacturers and resellers and we work with equipment buyers on an individual basis as well.  Our approach is designed to present a financing solution that makes sense for each business customer and for the funding sources we match them up with.  We take great pride in the quality of our funding sources and we work hard to present them with quality lending opportunities.


Finance and related services 

Dynamic offers consulting services that offer unique advantages to particular market segments.  These services draw upon thirty years of experience in banking, controllership, tax and management to help business customers improve their cash-flow, borrowing capability, profitability and operational efficiency.  These services include:

  • Cost Segregation Studies:  A safe and effective tax strategy for owners of income-producing property costing $ 500,000 or more that produces significant tax savings over the first five years of ownership through higher depreciation deductions.  Such Studies are IRS-allowed and endorsed by nearly all national accounting and tax organizations. 
  • Business debt evaluations and restructures:  Many businesses struggle with monthly debt service because they have incurred debt at various times and with rates and terms that made sense at the time but no longer  are best for the company.  We evaluate the company's current liability structure and its future financing needs to determine whether more advantageous structures are possible.  In most cases, debt restructuring can produce lower overall monthly payments and reduced interest costs.
  • Borrowing profile enhancement:  Many companies have come face-to-face with today's more restrictive credit markets.  Our many years of experience coupled with day-to-day contact with lenders allows us to evaluate how your company will be perceived by lenders when you need money most.  We help to identify steps that can be taken to position your company to qualify for financing, often with terms and interest rates that would otherwise not be obtainable.


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