Why Dynamic? Lease brokers run into selling objections too.


Leasing companies call us every week. Why should I work with a leasing company to begin with? When leasing is adopted into a selling program as a regular sales tool, it almost always produces more sales. And if that leasing program is well thought-out and used properly, it almost always increases profit. Our Seller Program Model is a comprehensive one. It offers a full menu of options that can contribute to your top and bottom lines. A word of caution, though, success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to embrace the program. You have to work to make the sales and profits you already have. Likewise, you will have to work to add to that. Leasing is a sales tool not a magic wand. More sales ... more profits ... it will happen but as with anything else worthwhile, it will take some work on both our parts over a reasonable timeframe to make it happen.
All right, so I’m convinced a leasing program could help my company. Why Dynamic? We realize there are a lot of choices out there. That’s why it’s important to select a leasing partner that is right for you. Our Seller Program Model is about you, not us. We figure if we can help you be successful, you’ll help us to be successful. Dynamic represents a broad range of funding sources allowing us to match your customer with the source most likely to approve them. Dynamic already represents more than forty equipment sellers like you with heavy concentrations in computer equipment, telephone systems and manufacturing equipment We get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. They help us to shape programs that translate into value that’s meaningful for them... and you.
Will all of my customers get approved? Almost, but not all. We increase the odds for approval by representing a large pool of funding sources that base their decision on risk-adjusted pricing rather than a "yes or no" mentality. But, let’s face it, there are companies out there that you wouldn’t extend trade credit to and we wouldn’t either. Put yourself in the lender’s shoes. It takes a lot of good deals to make up for one bad one. We try to protect our funding sources from losses just like we try to protect you from missing sales opportunities.
How do I get paid? You get your final payment once your customer signs a Certificate of Acceptance acknowledging that your equipment has been delivered and installed. Meanwhile if your usual policy requires the customer to make a deposit with the Purchase Order and/or more progress payments, we can usually arrange for "pre-funding" whent he deal size is $ 25,000 or more.. 
What if the customer defaults and the lender is forced to protect its interests? There is no recourse against your company if a customer defaults. Leasing takes the burden of collections off a seller like you. You get paid - completely and promptly...end of story.
How much of a down payment will my customer have to make? In the great majority of cases, we can finance 100% of the equipment cost and then some. The cost of additional accessories, installation, delivery, starter kits and even first-year maintenance are routinely included in the lease. In the unusual times when a down payment is required, it is typically done to help a customer who wouldn’t qualify for funding otherwise. In that way, we are using a down payment as a solution rather than a basis for everyday approval. Most leases do require the first and last, monthly payments to be paid at the time the lease is signed plus a small documentation fee. That’s it.
Do you lease to start-ups? In today's credit market, start-up businesses are very difficult to fund.  Most lenders require businesses to have been legally formed for two years or more.

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